Obamacare Sign-Up Deadline Pushed Back as President 'Enrolls'

Obamacare Sign-Up Deadline Pushed Back as President 'Enrolls'White House officials confirmed Monday that the deadline for enrolling in Obamacare has been pushed back a day from today to tomorrow, Dec. 24 — for coverage to begin Jan. 1.
Some insurers were surprised by the last-minute move, although other deadlines or requirements have already shifted in the scramble to enroll as many Americans as possible through the federal and state exchanges before coverage commences in 2014.
Meanwhile, President Obama successfully enrolled for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act over the weekend, the White House said Monday.
However, it was only a “symbolic” gesture to show support for the process, which has seen mostly technical mishaps with healthcare.gov and an unexpected wave of cancellation letters for those in the individual health insurance market.
Obama selected a “bronze” plan on the D.C. marketplace. “He was pleased to participate in a plan as a show of support for these marketplaces which are providing quality, affordable health care options to more than a million people,” a White House official said.
On Friday, the president said that 1 million people have enrolled for insurance, a big surge from the end of November when just 365,000 had signed up. But the 1 million figure is still a far cry from the administration’s initial target of 3.3 million enrollees by the end of the year.

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