He Orders Xbox One for $730 on eBay, Gets Just a Picture of Device

He Orders Xbox One for $730 on eBay, Gets Just a Picture of Device
Peter Clatworthy with his ‘new’ Xbox One (Picture: SWNS)

This story has a big takeaway: be careful when purchasing popular, hard-to-find-elsewhere products on eBay.
A young father who paid 450 British pounds (about $730) for a new Xbox One on eBay received only a photo of the hard-to-get new Microsoft console.
Peter Clatworthy, 19, wanted to get the Xbox for his four-year-old son, putting aside savings for most of the past year.
Clatworthy is from Nottinghamshire, England. At the current exchange rate, he paid about 730 U.S. dollars for the device, which is mostly sold out since its Nov. 22 launch. It retails for $499.
But days after paying for the Day One edition of the system, he received a grainy photo of the Xbox One.
The seller/scammer had written ‘thank you for your purchase’ on the back of the photo.
The good news out of this ordeal: eBay provided a full refund and said it would take action against the seller as misleading listings are not allowed.
The listing, as it turns out, mentioned the word “photo” but was entirely misleading. It included an image of the console and the item was listed under the ‘video games and consoles category’.
Here’s how the listing read:
“Xbox One Fifa Day One Edition, Photo Brand New UK 2013”

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