QR Code, Bitcoin Wallet Earn Clever Student $24K in Hours

QR Code, Bitcoin Wallet Earns Clever Student $24K in HoursThe Web is abuzz with the tale of a college student who raked in some $24,000 worth of Bitcoins in hours, with no mining involved whatsoever.
He didn’t do it by smart trading on Mt. Gox either. It was a bit of a fluke.
On ESPN’s “College GameDay” on Sunday, a student held the sign pictured on this post that has both the
Bitcoin logo and a QR code. College GameDay is usually on location at different campuses, depending on the highlighted games.
“Hi Mom Send (Bitcoin),” the sign read.
A QR code is scanned to fetch data, usually through a URL to a website. In this case, the code represented a Bitcoin wallet.
On Reddit, Bitcoin followers managed to enhance the QR code from the student’s sign on the television screen. By doing so, the identity of the Bitcoin wallet was revealed, so that anyone with a some cryptocurrency know-how could donate money to the student. Bitcoin wallets are identified by a long code of numbers and letters, but is not tied to a person’s name.
The image of the QR code was featured prominently on Reddit, and then it spread among Bitcoin fans. And the donations ensued.
The student has received 112 transactions, totalling nearly 23 bitcoins as of noon Monday. At current prices hovering at about $1,050 per one Bitcoin, the clever student is a little more than $24,000 richer.
Looks like mom won’t have to send any Bitcoins.

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