Bullish Bitcoiners See Price Soaring to $10,000 in 2014: Survey

Bullish Bitcoiners See Price Soaring to $10,000 in 2014: SurveyThere is optimism, and then there is to-the-moon optimism. A survey by Coindesk.com found that more than half of bitcoiners believe that the price of the top cryptocurrency will hit $10,000 this year.
Bitcoin topped $1,200 briefly in December, and has stabilized fairly well in the $750-$800 range this week. But it has also crashed over the last few weeks in the wake of China’s crackdown on money services businesses and exchanges tied to bitcoin.
Fifty-six percent of the 5,500 people polled by CoinDesk so far have said they believe the price will reach $10,000. About 31 percent said they didn’t think the price would see this level, while 13 percent believed that bitcoin zooming to $10,000 was ridiculous, replying “WTF are you smokin ???”.
A lofty as a $10,000 bitcoin sounds, such a move has not been dismissed by some serious Wall Street analysts, who have predicted that the virtual currency could be worth 10-100 times its current price.

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