Target Offers Free Credit Monitoring, But Sends Customers Shady-Looking Email

Target Offers Free Credit Monitoring, But Sends Customers Shady-Looking EmailTarget has followed through with offering free credit monitoring to its customers for one year following the massive card accounts hack and personal data breach that took place over the holidays.
Target chose ProtectMyID, provided by the credit bureau Experian, to help customers keep track of their credit reports. Target says that customers should request an activation code before April 23, 2014, and then register for the offer through ProtectMyID before April 30, 2014.
Customers can visit to request an activation code.
Over the last couple of days, Target has let millions of customers know about the free service via emails that appear suspicious on many levels.
For example, the email uses a strange address that reeks of a scam or phishing tactic: It’s not uncommon for scam emails to use a company’s name in front of their own domain.
The email caused plenty of online chatter via Twitter, with warnings from wary consumers to avoid links on the email.
But the email in question is legitimate, as is the domain and the offer of a year of free credit monitoring mentioned. Target confirmed the email’s validity on its website section dedicated to updates for consumers about the hack attack.
It seems that some people getting the email haven’t shopped at Target. That’s because the hackers stole personal information that Target had stored, including names, mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.
Using something like the ZeroBounce Email Verifier service could help to identify abuse emails, such as spams and scams.

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