Will TigerDirect's Shrewd Bitcoin Adoption Spur Other Big Hardware Sellers?

Will TigerDirect's Shrewd Bitcoin Adoption Spur Other Big Hardware Sellers?It was really a no-brainer for TigerDirect to start accepting bitcoins as more cryptocurrency miners scoop up the needed components from the biggest online hardware-selling sites.
But apparently Newegg and Amazon, also enjoying sales hikes from miners of bitcoins, litecoins and other altcoins, are slow in responding.
Most bitcoin ecosystem participants and observers expect the biggest online retailers, particularly where miners shop, to adopt bitcoins — after Overstock.com this month became the biggest e-tailer to accept the virtual currency as payment.
And it is likely only a matter of time before they follow TigerDirect’s astute marketing strategy.
Cryptocurrency miners are already opting for TigerDirect over its competitors — unless of course TigerDirect is out of the desired mining hardware, in which case miners will get what they need from whatever site has the item in stock.
The top selling item in TigerDirect’s first day of bitcoin acceptance this week was the Sapphire Radeon R9 280X
VAPOR-X, of which 30 units were sold, CoinDesk reported. Radeon GPUs are popular for the around-the-clock mining of litecoins, which requires somewhat elaborate rigs to proces the computations needed to produce the virtual currency.
Miners also need other hardware to produce efficient rigs, including specific motherboards and power supplies.
On Reddit, altcoiners are praising TigerDirect’s move and some professing loyalty.
Said one miner: “I have a pretty regular need for decent hardware and components, and I usually shop NewEgg,
Monoprice, and Amazon. However, since TigerDirect started accepting Bitcoin, there is really nothing compelling
at other hardware mail order retailers for me. I’ve switched 100% over.”
Meanwhile, Ebay is considering allowing customers to use bitcoin for payment for both eBay and PayPal, sources
inside the company told CNBC this week. Ebay is apparently waiting for a clearer regulatory framework before making the final call, the sources told CNBC.
eBay unit PayPal, the payment services giant, has avoided accepting bitcoins, although PayPal President David Marcus actually owns bitcoins. Marcus has said that cryptocurrencies could revolutionize e-commerce. For now, eBay/PayPal is concerned about regulatory issues, security and volatility tied to virtual currencies.

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