'United Nations' of Bitcoin (China included) Watched N.Y. Hearings

'United Nations' of Bitcoin (China included) Watched N.Y. Bitcoin HearingsThis week’s two-day hearing in New York on bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies drew more than 14,000 unique viewers from 117 countries, with about 39 percent from the United States.
Which country had the second highest percentage: China, with 12.6 percent.
The irony: China’s has proclaimed the toughest restrictions against bitcoin transactions, prohibiting its financial institutions from working with bitcoin exchanges or other cryptocurrency-related businesses such as third-party payment providers.
Benjamin Lawksy, New York’s Superintendent of Financial Services, the state’s top regulator who presided over the hearing, Tweeted the number of viewers who have seen the webcast on the NYDFS webpage.
Lawksy said the agency would either seek to work within existing statutes, or issue ‘BitLicenses’ specifically designed for businesses dealing with cryptocurrencies.  A decision is expected within a few months. New York would be the first state in the nation to issue such specific licenses for bitcoin businesses.
Lawsky Tweeted the following chart showing the breakdown of countries:
'United Nations' of Bitcoin (China included) Watched N.Y. Bitcoin Hearings

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