This 2-Year-old McDonald's Happy Meal has Gone Viral. But Everyone Missed the Point, Its Owner Says

Dr. Andrew J. Rivera operates an Omaha, Nebraska chiropractic office. His “office mascot” is a two-year-old McDonald’s Happy Meal “to show you the differences between fresh, pure food & processed food with additives,” Dr. Rivera said in a blog post on his website.
The problem is that the picture of the Happy Meal — a cheeseburger and fries — has gone viral and people have missed the point on more than one level, said Rivera, director of Bridge Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Omaha.
“Many people seemed to fixate on the ‘experiment’ we were conducting with our 2-year old office mascot, pointing out that we were lacking in our scientific method & even suggesting we were LYING to our patients (I know, I’m as dismayed as you are!),” Dr. Rivera says in his blog, speaking primarily to his clientele.

Source: Bridge Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

The Happy Meal is stored in a dome that isn’t airtight, and there is no refrigeration. So naysayers point to the lack of mold or other rotting properties. By doing so, they seem to stand on the side of the fast food’s durability or question the credibility of the “experiment.”

Source: Bridge Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

Dr. Rivera fully explains the misconceptions in his blog post.
“Our Happy Meal display is meant to show you the differences between fresh, pure food & processed food with additives,” he said. “You see the ingredients; you make the choices. We do it because we CARE about your family’s health & their relationships with food.
“Eating on-the-go can be just as detrimental to your health as overeating and eating empty calories. So this challenge was a way to interrupt your daily patterns & inspire you to stop and take the time to prepare your food (and also taking the time to enjoy eating it!).”
And by the way, he adds, he has no personal grudge against McDonald’s. It’s a statement against this type of food. See his YouTube explanation below:

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