Alex Charfen Buys Domain for $250,000

Alex Charfen Buys Domain for $250,000
Alex Charfen, CEO of the Charfen Institute

Bitcoin-mania isn’t losing momentum despite the cryptocurrency’s sluggish price movements of late.
Here is proof. A real estate entrepreneur and motivational speaker named Alex Charfen has purchased the domain for $250,000. He is CEO of the Charfen Institute and self-described keynote speaker and regular contributor to both CNBC and FOX News on small business issues.
Niko Younts, a media consultant and bitcoin investor, was the seller. He made the purchase public via Twitter.
Younts confirmed the sale to CoinDesk. Younts also said he is close to selling the domain for a similar lofty asking price.
Charfen has not announced any plans for starting a bitcoin wallet service, although he faces significant mounting competition from Blockchain, Coinbase and others.
Here is what Charfen says on his website:

“In the late 1990s, Alex found himself in Florida, running the multinational consulting firm he’d founded. He and his wife Cadey began investing in the real estate boom of that time and soon found themselves highly prosperous, but leveraged. When the market took a dive, they lost everything and were forced to declare bankruptcy.
“After bankruptcy, Alex began to rebuild, albeit with fundamental changes this time. He found natural allies in the REALTORS who were also suffering around the country, and who had little idea what to do with the growing multitude of homes in foreclosure.
“He and Cadey launched the Distressed Property Institute, and began to teach REALTORS what they had learned, offering them education, tools, and hope. They also found that many of these principles applied to any small business, and the Charfen Institute was formed.
“Since it’s inception, the Charfen Institute has been recognized by INC. magazine as one of the fastest growing businesses in the country, three years running. In 2011, it was #21 overall on a list of 5,000.”

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