'I had Over 550 bitcoins ($290K) in Gox. I will Never Get Any of That Back'

"I had Over 550 bitcoins ($290K) in Gox. I will Never Get Any of That Back"The impact from the Mt. Gox collapse is felt the most by the victims, of course, those who had bitcoins with the exchange. Some are facing the prospect of losing a fortune.
One such bitcoiner is Erik Voorhees, who runs Coinapult.com. He posted his views on Reddit, revealing that he has more than 550 bitcoins with Gox — that’s about $290,000 as of this writing.
“For all of you who lost money, my heart goes out to you,” writes Voorhees. “Some people lost a little, some lost a fortune. It will make people sick, and depressed, and full of grief. Personally, I had over 550 BTC in Gox. I will never get any of that back. If misery loves company, then we’ll be enjoying a grand feast today.”
Voorhees goes on to outline the lessons to be learned from the rise and fall of Mt. Gox.

“The lesson is not that nobody can be trusted. There are countless good men and women in this community who are worthy of trust, and some of the very best people I’ve ever met.
“And finally, the lesson is not that we ought to seek out ‘regulation’ to save us from the evils and incompetence of man. For the regulators are men too, and wield the very same evil and incompetence, only enshrined in an authority from which it can wreck amplified and far more insidious destruction. Let us not retreat from our rising platform only to cower back underneath the deranged machinations of Leviathan.
“The proper lesson, if I may suggest, is this: We are building a new financial order, and those of us building it, investing in it, and growing it, will pay the price of bringing it to the world. This is the harsh truth. We are building the channels, the bridges, and the towers of tomorrow’s finance, and we put ourselves at risk in doing so.”

Read his full Reddit post.
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