'Frozen' is Now Top Animated Feature of All-Time with $1.072B in Sales

'Frozen' is Now Top Animated Feature of All-Time with $1.072B in SalesDisney’s animated mega-hit “Frozen” has become the most successful animated feature ever, propelled by record attendance in foreign markets and remarkable DVD-digital sales.
Its total gross of $1.072 billion as of this weekend made it official. The movie just opened in its final foreign market, Japan. It beat another Disney/Pixar title, “Toy Story 3,” which grossed $1.063 billion.
Overseas, “Frozen” has become the top Disney or Pixar film in 27 territories.
Released this past Thanksgiving, it has enjoyed both critical and major financial success. “Frozen” is the first billion-dollar film from Disney Animation Studios. It won two Academy Awards, one for best animated film and the other for original song.
“Frozen” has surpassed both The Lion King and Finding Nemo, becoming the first Disney film to pass the billion dollar mark.
The movie had already blown through records in DVD sales, selling 3.2 million within a day of the release. It is among the fastest-ever selling DVDs or Blu-Rays ever. It has already made its mark as the fastest-ever in digital sales, as of the end of February.

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