HBO's Bill Maher, Who Lost Money with Lehman, Takes Shots at Bitcoiners, Mt. Gox Collapse

HBO's Bill Maher, Who Lost Money with Lehman, Takes Shots at Bitcoiners, Mt. Gox Collapse
Bill Maher took some potshots at bitcoiners on his HBO show Friday night, even though his quips were aimed mostly at the Mt. Gox collapse.
The politically-liberal comedian dissed the entire cryptocurrency community on “Real Time Bill Maher” in about 30 seconds of one-liners. He even raised the trust issue, comparing a bitcoin exchange to Citibank.
“You know, I’m not a big fan of Citibank, but I trust it more than three guys in a basement playing Dungeons and Dragons,” he said.
Interesting observation from someone who has conceded that he lost money with  the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008, one of the key events behind the financial crisis.
In 2012, Maher bought a minority stake in the New York Mets baseball team. He told the New York Times at the time: “I just thought it would be a great place, especially after I’ve seen some of the ways money can disappear in recent years. I had my money in Lehman Brothers in 2008.”
Fast forward to his comments Friday night comparing Citibank to a bitcoin exchange. Never mind the fact that Citi and the other largest U.S. banks have been forced into settlements worth about $40 billion tied to improper foreclosures or botched mortgage modifications.
Mt. Gox deserves condemnation for losing nearly $490 million worth of bitcoins, but not the vast and mostly legitimate bitcoin ecosystem.
Maher’s other comments from Friday night:
“If you invest all your money in virtual currencies, don’t be surprised if it virtually disappears. Who could have predicted this: Virtually everyone.”
“Yes, the Internet’s biggest bitcoin exchange (Mt. Gox) collapsed after hackers stole all the bitcoin. Oh no, and I was saving for a unicorn.”

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