TV Infomercial Pitchman Kevin Trudeau Gets 10 Years in Prison

TV Infomercial Pitchman Kevin Trudeau Gets 10 Years in PrisonIf you think that bilking consumers won’t get you substantial prison time, think again.
You’ve probably seen Kevin Trudeau on late-night infomercials pushing books on how to get free money or something called “The Weight Loss Cure ‘They’ Don’t Want you to Know About.”
Trudeau was sentenced to 10 years in prison by a federal judge in Chicago Monday for criminal contempt for violating a 2004 federal court order that prohibited him from making misleading ads for his weight-loss books.
Despite the order, Trudeau aired the infomercials at least 32,000 times, according to prosecutors.
In Monday’s sentencing hearing, U.S. District Judge Ronald Guzman said: “Since the age of 25, (Trudeau) has attempted to cheat others for his own personal gain.” He added: that Trudeau is “deceitful to the very core.”
Addressing the judge before sentencing in a 10-minute statement, Trudeau apologized and said he’s become a changed man.
“I have truly had a significant reawakening,” said Trudeau, who was dressed in orange jail clothes. “If I ever do an infomercial again … I promise: No embellishments, no puffery, no lies.”
Trudeau reportedly sold more than 850,000 copies of the weight-loss book, generating $39 million in revenue, prosecutors say. The judge agreed with prosecutors, who asserted that the amount of loss for consumers stemming from Trudeau’s deception was more than $37 million — nearly the amount in revenue.
“He has treated federal court orders as if they were mere suggestions … or impediments to be side-stepped, out-maneuvered or just ignored,” the judge said, refusing calls by defense attorneys for a two-year sentence.

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