#WhileTwitterWasDown: Users Report Finding a Life Without Twitter (Briefly)

What’s one of the top trending topics on Twitter: #WhileTwitterWasDown.
It seems that the social media giant was down for nearly an hour. And during that time Twitter users experienced some revelations to share when the site came back up.
The tweets represent hilarious musings on social media’s grasp on everyday life. Some tweets:

  • “I tried to communicate with people using words. It was scary.”
  • “I went in the middle of a mall food court and told strangers my thoughts.”
  • “I spoke to my parents. They seem to be nice people.”
  • “I met some amazing people, they live with me and they claim to be my family.”

Here ‘s a sample below:
#WhileTwitterWasDown: Users Report Finding a Life Without Twitter (Briefly)

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