Nissan Develops World's First Self-Cleaning Car Prototype. Do Consumers Really Need This?

The European arm of Nissan isn’t changing anything about the car itself, just the paint job.
But that’s enough to boast of the first “self-cleaning car” prototype. (see video below). Does the world really need this? And are consumers going to be over-charged for this add-on?
For now, Nissan is not planning to make the self-cleaning feature a standard item.
For its prototype, Nissan is using super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint that repels water and oils, so all that stuff from the road that hits your car won’t stick, and won’t need to be cleaned off.
Nissan is testing the paint, sold by UltraTech International Inc, on a Note to see how it performs in various conditions, including rain, frost, and sleet.

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