Pennsylvania Widow Loses Her Home Over $6.30 in Unpaid Taxes

A widow has lost her home because she owed $6.30. That amount is not a misprint: six dollars and change.
For the second time, a Pennsylvania court told Eileen Battisti, 53, of Aliquippathat, that her home’s sale at auction after she failed to pay property taxes is valid, even though she owed only $6.30 at the time it was sold.
She lost legal rights to her $280,000 home more than two years ago after failing to pay the measly sum.
However, there is a bit of a silver lining. The property sold for about $116,000, and she is entitled to $108,039 if subsequent appeals are unsuccessful to retain her home, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.
Battisti has the right to one more appeal. She will be allowed to stay in the home until a final ruling is made.

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