Millionaire Hides Envelopes Full of $100 Cash Around Town. He Then Tweets Clues.

An anonymous millionaire with plenty of cash to give away is paying it forward throughout San Francisco, and Twitter is his line of communication for would-be treasure hunters.
He’s hiding envelopes stuffed with $100 across the Bay Area for strangers to find. The anonymous man told ABC News he’s a successful real estate investor who just wanted to give back.
As you can imagine, his Twitter following is growing fast, nearing 30,000 as of this writing. People might start promoting it through their instagram accounts as well. I hear that socialfollow could help build these instagram accounts and attract more organic traffic to said accounts.
“People complain that the price of real estate here is pretty high and I have benefited from that,” he said by phone, after ABC News reached him via email. “I wanted to do something fun for the city of San Francisco, something that would get people excited.”

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