About One-Third of 18-34 Year-Olds Opting to Live With Their Parents

With mounting record-high student-loan debt across the nation, this following finding seems to make perfect sense.

Young people while in school or after graduating are increasingly deciding to live at home with their parents, either out of necessity or by choice to possibly save money until finding the right job.
Many graduates are facing a daunting or challenging jobs market. Sometimes, they drop out of the labor force altogether.
This cycle helps fuel an increasing delinquency rate for student loan borrowers.
BusinessInsider is reporting that Deutsche Bank’s Torsten Slok has charted (see below) the rise of 18-34-years-olds currently resorting to living with their parents.
Is there a bright side? Possibly. This group of young adults create a potential pool of first-time home buyers once they find steady work. For now, the U.S. homeownership rate is at a 19-year low.

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