This Town has the Richest U.S. Zip Code With Homes Averaging $6.7M. Have You Heard of Atherton?

This Town Offers the Most Expensive U.S. Homes (Average $6.7M). And You've Probably Never Heard of It.Atherton is a small suburban town in northern California. It is now the crowning champ of priciest homes, overtaking Beverly Hills and uptown Manhattan.
It is literally the richest piece of land in America.
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The five-square-mile town has been crowned the most expensive Zip Code in the U.S. by Forbes, with average house prices running at $6.7 million, and plots of land going for $1,100 a square foot.
The town is 45 minutes south of San Francisco, and just 15 minutes from the headquarters of Facebook, Google and most of the major technology giants in Silicon Valley. Now that Atherton is not such a secret, values have jumped up by another 40 per cent in the last six months alone.
“To say it’s on fire is an understatement,” Eugene Korsunsky, a local realtor, told the Daily Mail. “It’s supernova hot. There are billionaire buyers from all over the world falling over themselves for a piece of Atherton.”
“Mansions over the price of $10 million are being paid for in cash in just a matter of days – often without being seen,” he said.
Check out some Atherton homes on the market:

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