NFL Kicks Off Obnoxious On-Field 'Red Zone' Advertising in Pre-Season Game

Consumers are being bombarded by advertising, but Toyota’s intrusion onto a pre-season NFL game Thursday reaches a new level of overkill.
During Thursday night’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and the  San Francisco 49ers, you may have noticed an obnoxious on-field advertising any time either team got in the red zone, the area between the defensive team’s 20-yard line and the end-zone.
Here’s an example below via SB Nation:
According to BizJournals, Toyota has become the “exclusive auto partner” of the Niners under a multimillion dollar agreement.
The deal gives Toyota sponsorship of the red zone at San Francisco’s brand new Levi’s Stadium. This means that a massive graphic will appear on the screen any time a team reaches that section of the field, which is when the action heats up and fans are most tuned into the game.

Fortunately, Toyota’s red-zone advertising is strictly for the local, KPIX broadcast of pre-season games. It is not a national deal, at least not yet. But stay tuned. Red zone advertising could be part of the future of NFL games.
Fans should call an “interference” penalty on this strategy.

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