Can You Guess the Most Popular eBay Item in Your State? Here's A Map That Tells You.

Folks in Oregon may tend to be more paranoid because they buy more surveillance and security equipment than any other state.

That’s just one speculative conclusion you can make from eBay’s new map that shows the most popular category of items sold on the auction site in each state.
eBay sifted through their own data to find which products are bought most often, adjusting for population. While Oregon is No. 1 in spy gear, Arizona is tops in flower purchases.
New York gets the more dubious distinction of leading in the category of firearms and related supplies. Out there in the heartland, though, things are a bit more mundane, with Idaho residents claiming the top spot in most toy purchases per capita in the country.
eBay created this fascinating map below which may reveal a side of this nation most of us didn’t know (who knew New Jersey was big on men’s fragrances and that Delaware loves robotic vacuums).
Click on the map to enlarge:

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