Consumer Reports Downplays iPhone 6 Bending Issue in Stress Tests of Smartphones

In the wake of the social media brouhaha over the apparent bending vulnerability of the new iPhone 6, and particularly the new 6 Plus, Consumer Reports turned to scientific stress testing to determine if various smartphones actually have such a problem.

CR’s findings indicate that the so-called #bendgate controversy over the iPhone 6 is probably overblown.
But Consumer Reports certainly won’t end the debate as critics of CR’s stress tests say that the iPhone 6 Plus’s vulnerable point is not the middle of the smartphone — but at the top one-third of the device, near the volume buttons. CR applied pressure at the center of the smartphones tested.
CR says the following:
“All the phones we tested showed themselves to be pretty tough. The iPhone 6 Plus, the more robust of the new iPhones in our testing, started to deform when we reached 90 pounds of force, and came apart with 110 pounds of force. With those numbers, it slightly outperformed the HTC One (which is largely regarded as a sturdy, solid phone), as well as the smaller iPhone 6, yet underperformed some other smart phones.”
See CR’s video below:

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