FTC Bans Founder of HealthyLife Sciences from Marketing Weight-Loss 'Fat Burners'

The Federal Trade Commission has banned the former CEO and co-founder of Atlanta-based HealthyLife Sciences from marketing weight-loss products under a deal that settles charges of deceptive advertising.

John Matthew Dwyer III, the co-founder of HealthyLife Sciences, has agreed to settle FTC charges that he deceived consumers with promises that they would “Get High School Skinny” by taking Healthe Trim supplements.
The supplements supposedly burned fat, increased metabolism, and suppressed appetite — all base-less claims, the FTC says.
Dwyer and HealthyLife Sciences advertised that their Healthe Trim supplements – which were sold online and at CVS, GNC, and Walgreens for up to $65 for a month’s supply – would cause rapid and substantial weight loss of as much as 165 pounds, according to the FTC.
HealthyLife Sciences sold an Original Formula that purportedly contained hoodia gordonii, and formulas containing raspberry ketone, green coffee bean, and garcinia cambogia. The advertising relied heavily on consumer testimonials, which portrayed losing weight as easy, the FTC said.
“Losing weight is rarely easy, and it would be a miracle if a pill made it so,” said Jessica Rich, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “Consumers should be skeptical when a product like this one claims to make weight loss easy.”
In radio and television ads, Dwyer and HealthyLife Sciences claimed Healthe Trim was clinically proven to cause weight loss, and would suppress users’ appetites and boost their metabolisms to help them lose weight without exercising or changing their daily routine.
They used the tagline “Get High School Skinny,” and included testimonials from consumers who claimed that the weight was just “falling off.”

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