People are Going Into Apple Stores to Bend the iPhone 6 Plus, and They're Succeeding


This could be one of the most bizarre pastimes borne out of social media hype: The intentional bending of the brand new iPhone 6 Plus at Apple Stores — at least the display models.
Whether it’s serious shoppers or blogger/researchers doing this, or just Apple haters, it’s unclear — but there’s a lot of bending going on.
And much of it has been documented on media sites.
Elitedaily reports that a couple of daring teenagers ventured into an Apple store to test out the new iPhones for themselves. Yes, they bend, they concluded.
They recorded a video and uploaded it to YouTube, but apparently it was taken down soon afterward. This could be the first time “product testing” inside the Apple store has been documented. But Elitedaily says there are many other reports of people going into the stores and bending new iPhones.

Then there’s the case of the blogger who admitted in a post that he did just that.
“I took a peek around … out of the side of my eye I happened to notice I was not the only person conducting this experiment,” writes Carmine Pirone, for Cramer’s Shirt. “At least two others were doing the same at the same time. I went about my business.”
By the way, Pirone was able to bend the iPhone fairly easily.
“At this point I thought it best to leave the store,” he writes. “Did I feel bad about bending it a bit? Not really — others were trying, and I walked past a person attempting the same thing on the way to the exit.”
See the GIF clip below of an anonymous teenager bending the iPhone 6:

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