New Droid Turbo Tops Battery Life Comparison at Nearly 11 Hours, Twice as Long as iPhone 6

Motorola’s much-hyped new smartphone, appropriately named the Turbo, is the new flagship when it comes to battery life at 10 hours and 43 minutes, according to Phone Arena.

This puts the Droid Turbo ahead of the Xperia Z3 (9 hours 29 minutes) and the Xperia Z3 Compact (10 hours 2 minute), Phone Arena said.
It blows away the iPhone 6, which clocked in at 5 hours and 22 minutes, which is considered average for the top selling smartphones. Phone Arena said it replicated real-life usage in its testing.
The Turbo packs a huge 3,900 mAh battery. But there is a downside. While Apple boasts of its slim and lightweight phones, the Turbo is at the other end of the range at 0.44 in- / 11.2 mm-thick. But many people would opt for double the battery life, despite the heftiness of the Droid Turbo.
Phone Arena’s results, as impressive as they are, majorly debunks Motorola’s claim that its Droid Turbo’s massive battery lasts for two days. It isn’t true, but it’s still one of the best performing smartphone batteries.
Earlier this week, Motorola and Verizon jointly announced the launch of the new Droid Turbo, exclusive to Verizon customers — for now. See Phone Arena’s chart below.

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