Kmart's Canceled Layaway Orders Disrupt Holidays for Customers, But Refund Checks Processed

Kmart's Canceled Layaway Orders Disrupts Holidays for Customers; Refund Checks ProcessedFor many of its customers whose layaway orders were canceled, Kmart has been very naughty this holiday season and should at least get refund checks processed quickly to make up for the mess.
That’s apparently what has happened. The Consumerist reports that the company has processed all refunds for canceled layaway items. That means customers should be seeing the checks before Christmas.
At least that’s some consolation for the many rightfully upset customers. Kmart, a Sears Holding company, told The Consumerist that customers can also expect free order replacements if they can find them, shipped without charge:
Ashley Hazel of Bloomington, Indiana, told Fox59 that she  received an email from Kmart on Sunday, Dec. 14. She had purchased six items Nov. 9, using Kmart’s online layaway program. She made her final payment on Friday, Dec. 12.  She was obviously stunned when she read an email from the company, which told her all of the items were not in stock and that her layaway would be cancelled.

“…It made it worse to know it wasn’t just me that was affected. It was all these other families,” Hazel said.
Here is the statement from Sears Holding regarding the Kmart refunds:
“Refunds have been processed on all cancelled items and our customers will receive the refunds in the next couple of days, if they haven’t already. In addition to the refunds, we are also working to find items that were identified as out of stock — and if we can find them we will provide those items for free and ship and no cost. If we don’t have the items, we are providing e-gift cards in the amount of the cancelled layaway that can be used toward the purchase of another item or items.”

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