Delayed Obamacare 'Employer Mandate' for Some Firms Now Takes Effect

Delayed Obamacare Employer-Mandate for Some Firms Now Takes Effect If you work for a company with more than 100 full-time workers, administrators must offer affordable health insurance to at least 70 percent of personnel, under an Affordable Care Act mandate that takes effect in this new year.
This “employer mandate” was supposed to take effect in 2014, but the Obama administration postponed it to 2015 to allow companies to prepare.
“Mid-sized companies” with the equivalent of 50 to 99 full-time employees have until 2016 to provide affordable coverage under Obamacare, a year later than expected, U.S. officials have previously announced.
But the 100-worker firms now face the 70 percent threshold, a full year before than have to offer affordable health insurance to 95 percent of staff in 2016.
Companies with fewer than 50 people on staff, which make up about 96 percent of businesses, are not subject to the Obamacare employer mandate.

What constitutes “affordable” employer health insurance? For one, premiums cannot surpass more than 10 percent of an individual’s income. Obamacare does not consider the affordability of family coverage.
The employer policy cover costs of at least 60 percent of a work force’s collective medical-related expenses, including prescriptions and other essentials.
About 94 percent of firms with 100 or more employees provided health benefits to at least some of their employees in 2014, according to the Kaiser/HRET Employer Health Benefits Survey.

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