MasterCard: 'MasterPass' Digital Wallet Expands to More Merchants

MasterCard: 'MasterPass' Digital Wallet Expands to More MerchantsCredit card providers are venturing through various paths to gain ground in the growing segment of mobile payments and online shopping. Both bank-issued cards and the card networks are vying for more mobile customers.
Now MasterCard has expanded its MasterPass service to several additional major merchants. MasterPass, which is accepted in 16 countries, allows card customers to pay with already enrolled payment card data anywhere online and via an app on any mobile device. The goal: to save time and “checkout hassles” for credit card customers with security in place, says MasterCard.
MasterPass will soon also be available on Blue Nile,, Chegg, Fareportal|CheapO Air, Market America|SHOP.COM, Neiman Marcus, Office Depot and Rue La La, as well as on the American Red Cross site for donations, MasterCard said Friday.

“Customer service is at the heart of every decision we make at Neiman Marcus.
MasterPass will allow our customers the ability to complete purchases quickly, both online and via any mobile device they choose,” said John Koryl, President, Neiman Marcus Stores and Online.
MasterPass eliminates the time-consuming need to enter detailed payment and shipping information with every purchase, MasterCard says.
“Consumers like shopping but paying for things online can be challenging,” said Michael Cyr, Group Executive, North America Market Development, MasterCard. “MasterPass helps turn every online payment experience into an express checkout lane.”
U.S. consumers can set up a MasterPass account by visiting visiting this website, and by signing up with a participating bank such as Citi. Citi offers their credit cardmembers access to MasterPass via the Citi Wallet.

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