Discover's New 'Freeze It' Security Tool is Like On-Off Switch for Purchases

Security is top-of-mind with consumers nowadays and some credit card issuers are going beyond the more advanced “chip & signature” system that’s being widely adopted.
Discover is one of them. Discover card members can now stop new purchases on their accounts — from a mobile device, online or over the phone.

Moreover, card holders can have their accounts turned back on, essentially having an on/off switch at their disposal. Discover Wednesday officially launched its new Freeze It security feature, becoming the first major credit card issuer to provide such functionality on mobile devices and online.
“We’re giving our card members a fast and simple security feature that gives them more control over their accounts and more peace of mind if a card goes missing,” said Julie Loeger, senior vice president of marketing. “The Freeze It feature adds another layer of protection to Discover’s continued efforts to increase card member security and help prevent fraud.”
Here is Discover’s overview of Freeze It:

  • Provides an on/off switch for new purchases, cash advances and balance transfers on a card;
  • Can be easily activated from a mobile device, online or by calling 1-800-DISCOVER;
  • Sends alerts to card members if a transaction is declined while their accounts are frozen;
  • Allows some account activity to continue such as bills marked as recurring by the merchants, returns, rewards redemptions, and so on;
  • Does not apply to Discover business cards.

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