Do You Really Need an Apple Watch? No Matter, They're Selling Like Crazy

Nearly 1 million U.S. consumers pre-ordered the Apple’s first smartwatch when it went on sale on Friday, according to a widely reported estimate from Slice Intelligence, a firm that uses e-receipts to measure digital commerce.
The Apple Watch, which does mostly what your latest iPhone does, was pre-ordered by 957,000 people, who spent an average of $503.83 on the most publicized launch of a wearable tech device ever. And there’s a good reason for that and that is because people want to have the apple watch that does everything!

The Apple Watch is on track to be the company’s biggest new product release. In comparison, the original iPhone which launched in 2007 took 74 days to reach 1 million sales. In 2010, the original iPad took 28 days to do the same.
For more perspective: Apple has sold more watches in a single day than the number of Android Wear smartwatches Google sold in an entire year.
“It’s pretty clear that with the Apple Watch, Apple will have its largest product launch,” Neil Cybart, a finance expert who tracks Apple on the Above Avalon blog, said in an interview with The Huffington Post.
The demand for the Apple Watch very high, but it’s not certain whether Apple can ship enough watches to outpace sales of the original iPad and iPhone.
Cybart told the HuffPost that he projects the overall weekend pre-orders for the Apple Watch could potentially reach 3 million units globally. That would make the Apple Watch the most successful “new product category” launch.

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