Internet of Everything Now Includes Amazon's 'Dash' Button for Re-ordering Household Stuff

Internet of Everything Now Includes Amazon's 'Dash' Button for Re-ordering Household StuffIf you find yourself out of laundry detergent, toilet paper, trash bags or disinfecting wipes, just push Amazon’s new ‘Dash Button’, which now provides the easiest way to re-order household products that you need to replenish regularly.
Welcome the newest “Internet of everything” gizmo from the Internet’s most dominant retailer. For now, it’s on a “invite-only” basis, a tryout of sorts before becoming widespread to Amazon Prime members.
If you get it, you can stick the small Dash device to a kitchen cabinet or appliance, like your washing machine.
Functionality is fairly straightforward. You get the Amazon app on your smartphone to order and then simply press the button when you’re running low.

The Dash Button connects to your home Wi-Fi network, and a single press of the button automatically places your order. You will get order alert on your phone, which enables you to cancel if you made a mistake or changed your mind.
To prevent over-ordering or multiple orders if your child thinks it’s a toy, the Dash button responds only to the first press until your order is delivered. Each button is tied to a specific product — products like Glad kitchen trash bags, Cottonelle toilet paper, Bounty paper towels, Colorox disinfecting wipes, Huggies diapers, Tide laundry detergent pods, and more products.
The small device is available to Amazon Prime members. However, Dash is invite-only at the moment. You you can sign up online to receive an invite.
Here’s a sampling of the Dash Button products from Amazon.

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