Most American Workers are Disengaged in Their Jobs, Managers Included

Most American Workers are Disengaged in Their Jobs, Managers IncludedA new Gallup survey finds a striking disconnect between Americans and their jobs, with a significantly low percentage — just 35 percent — of U.S. managers engaged in their duties, while 51 percent are not engaged at all and 14 percent are actively disengaged, according to a new Gallup survey.
It only follows logically that disengaged managers will generate an equally disengaged group of workers. But at least half are doing something about it. It seems that workplaces should try and implement different strategies to attract the attention of their employees. Perhaps they could implement hr initiatives for employee engagement, making employees feel comfortable in their job roles. Half of all U.S. employees have throughout their careers quit their jobs at least once because they didn’t like their boss or could not continue working for him or her, according to a Gallup study of 7,272 adults.
Mid-level managers play a key function in a productive and engaged workforce, but Gallup paints a bleak picture.

Writes Gallup‘s Amy Adkins: “Day in and day out, managers are tasked with engaging employees, but 51 percent of managers have essentially ‘checked out,’ meaning they care little, if at all, about their job and company. And that attitude has dire consequences. A manager’s engagement — or lack thereof — affects his or her employees’ engagement, creating what Gallup calls the ‘cascade effect’.”
Gallup’s research finds that employee engagement is “strongly connected to business outcomes” — including productivity, profitability and customer ratings.
Being unhappy or stressed at work, where Americans spend eight to ten hours daily, five days a week on average, can have far-reaching and more serious ripple effects. Stress at work can increase the risk of — or contribute to — depression, anxiety and obesity, along with related chronic conditions such as heart disease, a 2007 study found.

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