If You Invested $10,000 in Apple's IPO, This is How Rich You'd Be Today

In the 1994 film classic Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks’ character famously narrates how his partner, Lt. Dan, invested his shrimping-boat business money in “some kind of fruit company.”
That “fruit” company turned out to be Apple Computer. The film’s timeline is hard to pinpoint, but BusinessInsider presents a fascinating insight pegged to Gump’s investment — one that illustrates the power of what many probably considered a very risky investment back then.

The comment on the “fruit company” investment in the movie’s wide-ranging timeline was made in the late 1970s. However, Apple didn’t go public until its IPO in late 1980.
BusinessInsider: “To make our lives easier, we considered what the price return on a $10,000 investment in Apple at the time of the company’s IPO on December 12, 1980 would have been in the long run for Forrest and friends.”
The answer: $2.5 million.
As the chart below shows, the big surge in Apple’s stock didn’t occur until the 2000s, starting with the iPod/iTunes/MacBook era of reinvention, and then truly exploding with Steve Jobs’ launch in 2007-2008 of the big game-changer — the iPhone.

Apple investment chart

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