Past Due: Comcast Pledges to Improve Customer Service with More Reps, Better Tech

Apparently, Comcast is fully aware of its miserable reputation for customer service, and since the recent debacle of its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable, the cable giant says it is planning to transform itself into a consumer-friendly organization.
Comcast this week announced a comprehensive strategy to repair its reputation for flimsy customer service.

“It’s unacceptable some of the individual instances that have been … well-documented,” Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said in a presentation. “And so it was a rallying cry, I think, inside the company, that we are going to top-to-bottom rethink the way we do business.”
Becoming more customer-friendly is so out of the ordinary for the Comcast of the past and present, that Neil Smit, President and CEO of Comcast Cable, characterizes the new plan as a “shifting” of the company’s mindset.
“This transformation is about shifting our mindset to be completely focused on the customer,” Smit said. “It’s about respecting their time, being more proactive, doing what’s right, and never being satisfied with good enough. We’re on a mission and everyone is committed to making this happen.”
More Customer Reps, Simpler Billing
Comcast primarily plans to hire more than 5,500 for additional customer-service jobs over the next few years. The company said it is also investing in technology and training for those employees.
The company says it will simplify billing and “create better policies to provide greater consistency and transparency to customers.” Additionally, the plan includes the renovation of hundreds of stores across the country and the development of new technologies “that will enable customers to interact with us how and when they want.”
The company’s stated goal: To be on time for customer appointments by the third quarter of 2015.
“We’ll be successful when our customers see and feel this change in every interaction with us – from the first time they order and use our products to the way we communicate with them or respond to any issues,” said Charlie Herrin, EVP, Customer Experience, Comcast Cable.

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