Discover 'It' Card Offers Double Cash Rewards for New Members Until July 31

Discover has proven to be a pioneer in offering consumers more flexibility, useful tools and expanded rewards over recent years.
The card issuer is at it again. For new members signing up by July 31, the Discover It card is doubling all of the cash rewards users have earned at the end of their first year for accounts that are open at the time of doubling.

“There are no limits on how much a card member can earn, and they can redeem in any amount, any time, and their rewards never expire,” Discover said in its announcement.
Discover was one of the first major card issuers to include a free FICO credit score for customers, a significant consumer perk that Citi and Chase later added to some of their cards. In April, Discover introduced “Freeze It” – essentially an on/off switch that card members access on their mobile app and online to prevent new purchases, cash advances and balance transfers in seconds if they misplace their card.
“Discover has a rich history of giving rewards to card members in a way that offers real value,” said Ryan Scully, vice president of marketing. “Doubling cash back complements other recent innovations that customers genuinely want.”
Discover was also a leader in offering late-payment forgiveness for card members, creating a small but growing trend among some card issuers.

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