Feeling 'Isolated', Billionaire Minecraft Founder Spouts Misery in Series of Tweets

Imagine if you and your buddies created a virtual game that would take the gaming world by storm, and you end up selling your startup to Microsoft for $2.5 billion.

That’s what happened to Minecraft founder Markus Persson (pictured above) about a year ago. But does becoming a billionaire change your life for the better? Of course, but maybe not for Persson. He may have bought a $70 million mansion, complete with a massive wall of candy, but that can’t buy happiness — apparently.
Persson went on an existential rant on Tweeter that’s shaking up the Internet a bit.
Writes Mark Sullivan on VentureBeat: “There’s something superficial about a rich and relatively famous person spilling out his problems in 140-character blasts to all his fans and followers on Twitter. And sure enough, there were plenty of Twitter users to offer support.”
It seems that Persson is really bored and deeply lonely, as he revealed in a series of tweets.
The tweets are quite compelling, but also baffling considering all the options that becoming a billionaire can offer to a creative entrepreneur. In other words, he doesn’t have to sit there and tweet about his troubles. He has the resources to do some good in the world, or start another company, or whatever. Nonetheless, here are a few of his tweets:

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