Google's Hot-Selling New OnHub Router is Cool-Looking, Simple and Costly

Google surprised the Internet world last week by unveiling the OnHub, a stylish, simple and uncluttered new Wi-Fi router developed with partner TP-LINK.
It is getting mostly positive reviews as a nifty-looking and easy to set up method of connecting to the Internet at home.

Consumers have also responded. The Google OnHub sold out of preorders shortly after it debuted on Google’s Play Store and on Amazon.
The Google OnHub goes on sale Monday to the general public. However, the $199.99 price point may be too steep for some.
“It’s really hard to recommend,” writes Matt Weinberger for Business Insider. “Especially when you can get a super-high-performance router from the likes of Asus for $108 from Amazon.”
But he praised the device. “After a few days testing an OnHub that Google loaned me, I can confirm that it is a technical marvel that brings form and function together into something really cool and useful, which is a weird thing to say about a router,” Weinberger writes.
CNNMoney also gave it a fairly good write-up: “I tested one out at home, pitting it against my existing router, an Apple (AAPL, Tech30) Airport Extreme (which is also pretty good looking, for a router). Speed tests showed the OnHub was a bit faster than the Airport connection (a difference of about 6 megabits per second). OnHub did even better at long distances, up to three rooms away.”
Here is Google’s webpage for the OnHub.

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