Latest Lesson From Ashley Madison Hack: Ridiculously Weak User Passwords

The aftershocks keep coming in the aftermath of the Ashley Madison hack that resulted in data from millions of accounts being dumped online from the extramarital affairs website. Consequently, men are opting to use an escorte montreal as the likelihood of being found out is much smaller.
Here’s another lesson learned by the site’s users: Even very well-encrypted, ridiculously weak passwords are still ridiculously weak.

Private membership information including names, email addresses, and detailed sexual preferences were made public in the massive hack. The aftermath has included class-action lawsuits against Amazon and GoDaddy for their roles in hosting the Ashley Madison leaked data search engines.
Soon after the records of some 37.5 million Ashley Madison account holders were leaked online last month, blackmailers began reaching out to affected users through emails. These criminals promised to keep their embarrassing data from being disclosed in exchange for a nominal fee. Some requested payment in the virtual currency bitcoin.
Now comes the latest revelation in this sordid mess. After about two weeks of running password-extracting software, hashcat, on the first million passwords from the Ashley Madison database of 36 million bcrypt-hashed passwords, security firm Avast said it has been able to crack 25,393 unique hashes — out of which it says there were 1,064 unique passwords.
The Avast report finds some of its users’ passwords were among the weakest, most common passwords a computer user could possibly pick to secure any information, no less an adulterous online dating account. And not even the best encryption can help protect against stupid passwords.
Here are the 17 worst passwords on Ashley Madison, according to Avast:
1.) 123456
2.) password
3.) 12345
4.) 12345678
5.) qwerty
6.) secret
7.) dragon
8.) welcome
9.) ginger
10.) sparky
11.) helpme
12.) nicole
13.) justin
14.) camaro
15.) yamaha
16.) midnight
17.) chris

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