Sprint Cuts iPhone 6S Plan to $1/Month Following T-Mobile's $5/Month Offer

Sprint just announced it is cutting the cost of its iPhone Forever plan to $1 a month for a 16 GB iPhone 6S, and $5 a month for a 16 GB iPhone 6S Plus. Both are prices are valid if you trade-in an iPhone 6.

Sprint’s price-slashing comes two days after competitor T-Mobile cut its monthly “Jump On Demand” price from more than $25 a month to $5 a month for an iPhone 6S. T-Mobile cut the price for the iPhone 6S Plus from about $31 a month to $9 a month.
“Not So Fast T-Mobile! Sprint Beats Your Price…” declares Sprint in its news release.
Consumers seem to be the winner in this fast-moving smartphone price war that comes after death of two-year contracts, a trend started by T-Mobile.
Like Sprint, T-Mobile will only give you the promotional price with the trade-in of an iPhone 6. But, T-Mobile lets you upgrade up to three times per year — whether you want a new iPhone or any other smartphone.
Verizon and AT&T, the biggest wireless carriers, haven’t jumped into this price war — at least not yet. Both are offering up to $300 ($400 on Verizon) for switching to their service and trading in an old smartphone.
As for Sprint’s offer: Higher memory configurations of the iPhone 6s are priced at $5.77/month for the 64GB, and $10.53 for the 128GB with the trade in of an iPhone 6. For the 6s Plus, higher memory configurations cost $9.77/month for the 64GB and $14.53 for the 128GB with an iPhone 6 trade–in.

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