Too Much Sharing? Uber's 'Share Your ETA' Shows Up in Google Search Results

Uber’s soaring popularity has its passengers eager to share details of their ride with social media friends. Uber’s “Share Your ETA” feature let’s Uber users do just that to let friends or family know they’re en route.

But don’t share those details publicly. Dozens of trips taken using the ride-hailing leader Uber have been cached by Google, making them available to anyone with a simple search term. ZDNet first reported that Uber’s individual ride information was showing up in Google search results after a user posted about it on Twitter. A search of the site “” returns dozens of trips on the ride-hailing app.
The Uber trips are shared by the user via the Uber mobile app, allowing others to track their current location. However, other data about the ride is revealed, including the driver’s name, and car registration, from a single link. Each trip link logs the exact address for pick up and drop off, along with the times, in the source code.
An Uber representative says that the only way for this information to come up in a Google search is for the rider to have deliberately shared it on social media.
“This is not a data leak. We have found that all these links have been deliberately shared publicly by riders. Protection of user data is critically important to us and we are always looking for ways to make it even more secure,” the Uber representative said.

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