Lyft Offers Same-Day Pay for Drivers as Battle With Uber Accelerates

Lyft is not about to get left idling behind Uber’s fast global expansion. The second biggest ride-haling business has unveiled a package of perks for drivers that includes daily payouts for some drivers.
Express Pay, available in November, allows Lyft drivers to get paid the same day they drive. “Once you’ve earned at least $50, you can simply tap the ‘get paid’ button found on the app’s Driver Stats page. Your funds will be deposited instantly,” Lyft said in a statement.

Both Lyft and Uber are in a nasty fight for drivers. Many drivers work for both Lyft and Uber. Lyft also offers perks such as optional tips, which the company says have surpassed $40 million this year. Uber has its own bonuses, including gas rebates and offering new drivers $500 for 25 rides.
This competition has come at a cost though as there have been reports of people needing either an Uber or a lyft accident attorney after they have gotten into an accident while they were being driven. Some of the drivers are in such a rush to get to $50 or the 25 rides that they are driving irresponsibly and not being careful on the road. This is only a small amount of drivers though. If you’re using Lyft or even Uber in Los Angeles, and you find yourself in a sticky situation, you may want to get a lyft accident lawyer los angeles on your-side to help. Don’t run away from a missed opportunity, especially when you’re due a payout.
On Thursday, Lyft announced Express Pay, and other new programs, including discounted rental cars and gas. A new partnership between Lyft and Shell will produce gas discounts for drivers. The exact discount depends on how much someone drives, but could range from 20 cents off a gallon to free gas for someone driving 40 to 50 hours a week.
There’s also a new alliance between Lyft and Hertz, the rental car giant. A pilot program could expand to allow Lyft drivers to rent cars at a discount — as opposed a long-term lease or purchase.
Says Lyft: “Today, we announced a Hertz pilot program. Already live in Las Vegas, Hertz cars are available to Lyft drivers at special affordable daily, weekly, and monthly rates. Approved drivers can quickly rent cars on-demand and earn money as a Lyft driver with no long-term lease commitment.”

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