How Does Your State's Median Credit Score Measure Up?

Have you ever wondered about your neighbors’ credit scores? Or the median for your state? Wonder no more.

Median credit scores by state range anywhere from 655 (fair) to 745 (good), according to a new report from
The site explores socioeconomic factors that can help shed some light as to why some states have lower or higher scores than others. For example, southern states and part of the Great Lakes region are home to lower scores than most of the rest of the country.
Sorting by job type brings about more questions than answers, the study finds.
“Several of the lower-scoring states are home to an above-average number of blue-collar jobs, but not all of them,” concludes ” Perhaps this speaks to idea that there are both high- and low-paying jobs in both categories, and economic pressures related to debt affect workers of all kinds.”
The site looked at the median credit score for every state and found southern states have the lowest scores in the country. Residents of Mississippi (655), Georgia (674) and South Carolina (676) had the lowest median credit scores, and among the highest percentage of people living in poverty.
Additionally, the older the resident the higher likelihood he or she has an very good credit score (760 or above) — 52 percent of those 60 or older have excellent scores, compared to only 11 percent of those aged 18 to 29.
Level of education attained is another big factor. States with the lowest number of residents holding Bachelor’s degrees or higher include West Virginia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nevada, and Alabama – all low credit score states.
See’s map below:


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