Amazon Payments Takes On PayPal With Expanded Partners, Tools and Support

Amazon is expanding its Amazon Payments services, as it positions itself as key a competitor to PayPal, Apple and other facilitators for e-commerce platforms.

The Internet giant offers companies, developers and e-commerce agencies that it certifies several tools to make it easier for their clients to adopt Amazon Payments, in addition to technical support. Amazon also says it will offer joint-marketing opportunities to certain partners.
The newly expanded certification program, named Amazon Payments Global Partner Program, is available in the U.S., Germany, the U.K. and Japan; but participation is by invitation only.
E-commerce companies can already utilize Amazon Payments, making it easier for customers to simply check out by typing in their account information. That’s a lot quicker than having to re-enter personal data and credit card information.
The expanded program will provide the “Pay with Amazon” option for sellers who set up e-commerce sites through three participating Amazon partners — Canadian firm Shopify, French company PrestaShop and Japan’s Future Shop Co. (more are listed on Amazon’s website).
How much of an expansion would this mean for Amazon Payments? For example, Shopify alone reports that its platform caters to more than 240,000 online stores through it’s one click upsell shopify app scheme for getting a Shopify website up and running in no time.
And that also means more revenue for Amazon. Amazon charges merchants 2.9 percent of each transaction, plus a 30-cent fee.

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