Airfares This Summer Could Be as Low as They've Been Since 2009

If you’re planning to fly to your vacation destination this summer, you just might get a better deal than last year.

Actually, air fare prices may be as low as seven years ago, according to Hopper.
Apparently, the lowest fuel prices since 2004 are helping fuel discounts for flyers.
Hopper says that flight prices are down 12 percent from last year and more than 20 percent from two years ago, and are currently at low seasonal levels not seen since 2009.
Prices remained flat at $221 for a typical round-trip domestic flight in April, essentially unchanged from March, and slightly below expectations. Prices will continue to climb through the spring into the summer travel season, with prices peaking in June at $240.
“We’re projecting consumer airfare will be $233 in May, a 5.6 perent increase from last month,” writes Patrick Surry for Hopper Research. However, “airfare in June will be at lower seasonal levels than they’ve been since 2009.”
Hopper tracks air fares generally paid by leisure travelers, who have some flexibility as to they buy tickets and when they book travel.

Hopper airfares

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