Americans Are More Anxious About 'Rigged' Economy, Survey Finds

Even before the “Brexit” vote across the Atlantic, Americans were feeling more anxious about the U.S.economy, according to the latest survey from Marketplace and Edison Research.

Moreover, 71 percent believe the U.S. economic system is “rigged in favor of certain groups,” the survey found.
The survey also found that more Americans are losing sleep over their financial situation: 32 percent now compared with 28 percent in September 2015.
They are also less confident that they could find a new job within six months, if they were to lose their current job. Some 41 percent are very confident about finding a new job now compared with 46 percent in September 2015.
A majority — 55 percent — think the decline of manufacturing jobs is primarily a result of trade deals than natural changes in the economy.
“Americans from across the economic and political spectrum — 71 percent of them — think the U.S. economic system is “rigged” in favor of certain groups,” reads a statement from
CNNMoney reports that one major reason for Americans’ pessimism is a lack of earnings growth. Wages and salaries aren’t growing much. A typical middle class family earns $53,657, nearly the same amount today as 20 years ago, according to U.S. Census data that’s been adjusted for inflation.

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