Capital One and Uber: Here's How to Get a Free Ride Via Quicksilver Rewards

This week, credit card provider Capital One launched the first rewards partnership with Uber, the ride-sharing leader. Capital One Quicksilver and QuicksilverOne cardholders can get every 10th ride free, a reward worth up to $15.

Quicksilver users just have to make sure to link up their credit card to Uber as their payment method. The app will start a tally of how many rides they’ve taken and automatically calculate the free rides. Riders can use the free rides right away or let them accumulate.
The promotion lasts through March 2017. However, there is no limit on the number of free rides that customers can earn.
“Uber and Capital One have a history of creating unique experiences and delivering impactful savings for our riders,” said David Richter, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at Uber. “Today we are excited to introduce a new in-app experience that will reward loyal Uber riders and Quicksilver customers with the ability to earn free rides and to choose when to use them.”
Riders aren’t required to sign up or use any codes to activate the offer. Cardholders have to be US residents.

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