Cox Follows Comcast, AT&T in Raising Data Usage Cap to 1TB

Cox Communications is the latest major broadband provider to raise its data usage cap to 1 terabyte.

Over the past several months, both AT&T and Comcast increased their usage caps to one terabyte per month before users can draw any overage fees. The jump in Internet data limits came after U.S. regulators blocked Charter from imposing caps for seven years. Other Internet service providers don’t want to draw such actions from the Federal Communications Commission, which was poised to crack down on data limits in household markets where consumers have few choices.
Cox Communications is letting users know that its existing caps will now be raised to 1 terabyte across all usage levels. The only exception is Cox’s “Gigablast” gigabit tier, which now features a cap of 2 terabytes per month.
Like AT&T and Comcast, Cox is letting the public know how generous the 1 terabyte cap is.
“Cox High Speed Internet packages include 1 TB (1,024 GB) of data to provide you with plenty of freedom to stream, surf, download, and share,” proclaims Cox. “Approximately 99% of Cox customers are currently on a data plan that more than adequately meets their monthly household needs.”
But the Internet data-limit debate has more to do with why they exist in the first place since flat-rate broadband service has been sufficiently profitable.  More consumers are relying on broadband use with the rise in popularity of streaming services — such as Netflix, Hulu and other services sprouting quickly across the media landscape from broadcast and cable networks, as well as Amazon.
While 1 terabyte is a high limit for most consumers for now, it’s likely most consumers will ultimately approach these caps and possible overage fees as 4K streaming and future bandwidth-intensive applications become more widely available.

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