Here's the Latest List of Companies Offering Free Credit Scores

Those crucial credit scores — the three-digit numbers that enable consumers to get a credit card, auto loan or mortgage — are increasingly being offered for free by lenders and other companies.
The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has come up with a very handy list of companies that offer at least some of their customers free access to a credit score. The Bureau collected the names of these companies by publishing a notice for comments on the Federal Register’s public website.
“This list is based on voluntary responses to that notice,” the CFPB says. “Only credit card issuers that responded to this notice in the Federal Register are included in the list, but other issuers also may offer this service.”
The Bureau has also provided links to the comments submitted by each company in the table included in this document.
“We encourage you to check this information, or to contact each company, to find out which specific credit card products are eligible for the service, and on what conditions, if any,” the Bureau said.
The list includes the largest credit card providers, including Chase Bank, American Express, Bank of America and Citibank.
The CFPB points out that the initial credit score you obtain from a company “may be different from the one that company, and other businesses, later use to make credit decisions about you.”
The Bureau provides this breakdown to learn more about how credit scores are calculated.
Companies, including some on this list, may also provide free credit scores to the general public, including non-customers.
“Remember, though there may be no cost, they may require you to register and enter personal information. Afterward, they may also market products to you,” the Bureau says.

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