A Good Credit Score Can Help You Find Ideal Dating Partner, Survey Finds

There is no dobut that a good credit score can open doors to financing a car, getting approved for an apartment rental or securing that mortgage for a dream home. But apparently a high score can help in the dating department as well.

As Discover and Match Media Group put it in a news release, a “potential date’s credit score could—or perhaps should—be the difference between swiping left or right.”

The two companies partnered on the independent survey of online daters to better understand the relationship between finance and romance. The survey found that 58 percent of online daters say having a good credit score is more attractive than driving a nice car. Moreover, 50 percent believe a good credit score is more attractive than an impressive job title, and 40 percent favor a good score over a physically fit body.

“If you have a good credit score, flaunt it,” says Dr. Helen Fisher, Ph.D., chief scientific advisor for Match.com. “When it comes to dating, a good credit score ups your mate value, helping you win a responsible, long-term partner, more so than some other qualities that online daters might highlight on their profile. Money talks, but your credit score can speak more about who you are as a person, and singles agree that those with good credit tend to be conscientious and reliable.”

A good credit score is a measure of financial responsibility, which 69 percent of survey respondents think is a very or extremely important quality when looking for a person to date, the survey found. Indeed, financial responsibility is rated higher than several other important qualities — as 67 percent say a sense of humor is very or extremely important, 51 percent say attractiveness, 50 percent say ambition, 42 percent say courage and 39 percent say modesty.

The national survey of 2,000 U.S. consumers, ages 18 and older, was commissioned by Discover and Match Media Group by C+R Research, an independent survey research firm, between January 30 and February 8, 2017. All survey respondents had either an active account with an online dating platform or met their partner through an online dating platform.

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