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eCreditDaily.com was founded in 2009 by veteran journalists as an independent source of credit industry news, trends and resources for consumers and entrepreneurs.
We cover the latest developments with the dominant credit-issuing banks and companies; the ongoing foreclosure crisis; financial system reform efforts by the President and Congress; the status of available credit to small businesses,  and other related issues.
In the aftermath of sweeping credit card and financial system reforms, and the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, eCreditDaily believes strongly in the right of consumers and entrepreneurs to be fully and fairly informed of the latest developments.
We are also chronicling the future role of the Federal Reserve and other regulatory agencies in protecting credit consumers, mortgage holders and small businesses.
This website strives to make sense of it all through timely articles that are relevant and useful.
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John Belmonte
We can be reached at contact@ecreditdaily.com

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